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The Passion of The Occupation

This movement has the potential to make unprecedented change.

There is no coincidience that there are occupations ignighting in cities as large as Chicago, LA and Philadelphia and as tiny as Ashland, KY and Muncie, IN.

We are all enraged with the direction the we are headed, and that despite how hard we work, our earned rewards are minimal in comparison to the financial requirements to survive.

Americans do have expectations from life. We expect that if we work hard, keep our heads up and behave in a manner that deserves respect, we will earn respect. We expect that if we persist, we will earn rewards. We expect that the pursuit of education will earn a career that earns a decent wage.

We are collectively furious that despite how hard we have worked, and continue to work to earn these things, the basic rewards we earn seem to shrink. In fact, the only things we seem to have earned is a right to increased debt, and paying more for less substance.

This movement has a clear message: People should come before dollars.

This may seem ambiguous to those who have an obscene level of financial privilege. This may also seem ambiguous to those who have been conditioned to sheepishly agree with what the financially privileged have taught them to accept. What is truly obscene is an intense and overwhelming lack of compassion emanating from our own brothers and sisters who suffer along with us.

I implore the financially privileged to allow themselves to look beyond their sociopathic desire to control all others to maintain their status and consider the effects of their behavior. I implore the conditioned minds to clean the clouded windows they have been watching the world from, and examine the global situation surrounding them.

This movement is not about complaining. It is about demanding that the essential human needs of everyone who breathes the air of this planet are considered before the needs of a bank account. 

This movement is not ambiguous. All issues stem from a twisted culture built around respecting the dollar more than our brothers and sisters:

  • education
  • health care 
  • job creation
  • massive amounts of debt
  • foreclosure 
  • rapid inflation
  • the continued marginalization of ethnic minorities
  • the continuation of a culture which normalizes the marginalization of women
  • the dismissal of civil rights based on who we love

These are basic issues that a rational and considerate culture would strive wholeheartedly to address, and provide solutions of which to every single person within it.

The list of frustrations could easily span this great continent and color our highways with a million expressions of discontent. Instead, we will indefinitely occupy our cities, colleges, workplaces, parks, homes, blogs, twitter feeds and conversations with voices that refuse to allow dismissal of our message because it does not fit the needs of the privileged few.

A people united will never be defeated!

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