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Dr Kaila Story & Jaison Gardner host a podcast focused on the Black LGBTQ experience, which is produced by Louisville, KY’s NPR affiliate, WFPL.


This week they’re talking about Fantasia, Django unchained & Orlando cruise.

"At the university level, when I teach about sexism and racism, I insert humor into a lot of these things, because you have to point out the absurdity that is a part of racism. Racism, sexism, homophobia—these things are not logical processes of thought. These things are taught and socialized. They’re not real."

Those were some of Dr. Story’s thoughts about the movie Django Unchained, and why its use of humor works, despite some horrific subject matter. The film looks at enslavement in the U.S. and one particular slave who kills his oppressors—in classically graphic Tarantino style. We liked the movie, but not everyone feels the same way, so we addressed some common criticisms of the film.

If y’all don’t know, well now you know.

I don’t know what awards they give out to people who do radio shows, but Dr Story and Jai need to get one.

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