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I tried watching Girls the other day. It was so bad I didn’t last 15 minutes into the program.

I have literally watched more hours of Nick Cage’s “acting,” than I ever will of this over-inflated, unfunny, bland, Wonder Bread in The City, annoying, deplorable show.

We can all do better.

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    Thanks for the apology. I was actually shocked and hurt that you’d respond to what I had to say like that earlier...
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    I’m sorry I came off as dismissive. I didn’t mean to. I’ve been following you on tumblr for approximately 6 years now...
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    It strikes me Lena Dunham is in an unenviable position, artistically speaking. She’s talented and intelligent and...
  7. loonachic said: i like this show because it’s so ridiculous. sometimes ridiculous is just that. ridiculous.
  8. alexshortandsweet said: one of my friends (a dude) was personally offended that I didn’t like it because he thought I’d love it cos it’s about girls and he loves it, but it was so… awkward and white and bland. he still doesn’t get it.