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And that response, the response of “Don’t bring race into it.” Why does that even matter?

If you’re a white dude, how does it even matter if I’m talking about race? It obviously doesn’t concern you. Are you the dude who wrote it? Do you feel guilty???  Are you gonna cry about it? Do you need to be coddled because of how strongly I affirm that it is directly connected that a child of color was called a slur? Oh, boo fucking hoo. Cry away.

I cry. I cry all the time. I cry about the history of black women in america. I cry about the present of america. I cry about my own goddamn blod. I cry about the fact that MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER WAS RAPED BY THE FATHER OF HER CHILDREN. A white man. Raped her. And now my family is here.

And that we just have to fucking endure. I cry. About real shit.

Are you feeling like I am encroaching on your whiteness because I am defending a 3rd party black CHILD?

Get the hell off of my planet and may your tears freeze in the absence of space.

  1. ellevetica said: white dudes are shitheads. someone told me “racism isn’t cool” because i said i could listen to jokes about white guys all day. but now i don’t see him getting all worked up about this whole quvenzhane mess UGH I CAN’T
  2. bapgeek2geekbap said: white folks be like children: hands over ears LALALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU when they brush up against uncomfortable shit. they can’t kill it or enslave it anymore, so they want to ignore it
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