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Hi. My name is _________. I’m fully aware that it’s 12:30 in the morning at your offices, but I’m calling to leave this message so that you’ll hear it in the morning. I’m calling to express my extreme disappointment at your use of the word cunt to describe miss Wallis.

I am so disappointed in you. You all have such a funny site, and the humor is a real treat. But this is beyond ridiculous. I truly hope you will issue a public apology on your twitter and your site for this insult.

I’ve read your site for a while, but I won’t again. I’m also one of many who are finding out who your advertisers are so we can notify them we will not be spending money with them until you issue an apology.

Thank you so much and I sincerely hope you are in the middle of a… restructuring by the time you play this message. Have a wonderful day.

—The voicemail I left at the onion offices. Call and leave one of your own at 312-751-0503. (via quixxotica)

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