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“Fiscally conservative but socially liberal” is a hip, trendy way of saying “I still think poor kids are being too grabby with this whole ‘wanting food’ thing, but I also like weed.”

Hip trendy way of saying:

“My dad told me what to think but this cute girl I liked once was really into punk music.”
“Business major at a big city university”
“I actually hate everyone except white Christian males but liberal girls are more willing to suck your dick so I say that so they don’t completely reject me.”
“I’m an adult baby.”
“I hate poor people but I just love those gays! I once went to a gay club for a bachelorette party!”
“I have no fucking clue what I am talking about. Please do not ask my opinion and it would be in your best interest to never speak to me again.”

Fiscally conservative but socially liberal means, “I think you’re pretty and I’d like to fuck you, but there’s no way in hell I’d marry a Black girl.”

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    When I say it I just mean, “Yes, we should help people that need help. We should also take in as much money through...
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    I started out as a hardcore conservative, just like my parents. I tried to get their attention and admiration by being...
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