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I just read an open call for writers of a blog associated with a “Network!” I associate networked blogs with money and potential opportunities to reach more readers. In the call/want ad/whatever they used the word “Freelancers,” so I figured there’d be money involved for writers who were up to their needs.

I read some of the bloggings of the website in the aforementioned network, and was underwhelmed. I mulled their posts around in my mouth with a poker-face expression, knowing that I could knock some serious shit out of the park if I wrote for them. I’m funnier, smarter and far better versed in interweb speak than any of the shit I read on their site.



Get this shit.

Aside from the fact that the title of the website has an objectionably objectifying word in it (that I was about to overlook because it was used in a clever way)… one of their main authors said in his bio that he, “Enjoys casual misogyny.”