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Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Goldilocks picked up a MP3 player marked “Baby,” it was tiny and shaped like a pot of honey. “I wonder what this will sound like,” she said, and put the headphones on. It played, “Baby,” by Justin Beiber. “Ugh, this doesn’t rock quite hard enough,” Goldilocks said in disgust and threw it down.

She then walked across to the enormous MP3 player marked, “Papa.” It was red and shaped like a skull and crossbones. “Hmm, perhaps this will rock better,” Goldilocks exclaimed with delight as she put the giant earphones over her ears. It played “Bodies,” by Drowning Pool. “AAH,” she exclaimed as she struggled to rip the headphones off. “This rocks way too hard!”

Lastly, Goldilocks walked over to a medium-sized MP3 player marked, “Mama.” It was green and shaped like a beautiful, pointy green leaf. “Okay,” she said with some exhaustion in her voice, “I hope this one rocks better than the other two!” She pressed play, and it played, “Kashmir,” by Led Zeppelin. “This rocks just right!”

She then felt an urge to go eat some porridge and take a nap.

(Source: fuckyeahzeppelin)