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2012 seems to be the year of the boybands; Backstreet Boys are returning, got some other ones floating around here, etc etc. So let’s remember the original ones shall we because, come on, they made your prepubescent heart swoon and you just had to dance when ever they came on. Still do, in fact.


Backstreet Boys / Backsteet’s Back / Millenium / Black & Blue / Never Gone / Unbreakable / This Is Us


‘N Sync / Home For Christmas / No Strings Attached / Celebrity 


Justified / Future Sex/Love Sounds

there are people out there who will appreciate this

Justin Timberlake - Senorita

You know, as someone who’s a self proclaimed expert on how Justin Timberlake probably thinks (We were born on the same day) I totally get why he doesn’t want to record another album. He’s been doing the same job for 10+ years. Damn, that gets boring after a while. I worked in IT for a over a decade and I damn sure don’t wanna do that shit anymore. I loved Justin Timberlake the Musician (NSYNC is the king BSB bows down to, DUH). I can’t wait to get to know the public persona of Justin Timberlake the actor.