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Usagi Tsukino, aka Serena, aka Sailor Moon, aka The Moon Princess, has enough aliases to be a rap superstar. Girlfriend also has a huge posse filled with gallant gals who will totally throw down if you look at her sideways. Don’t get it twisted, though. Sailor Moon is a social justice superstar of love and justice.

We can pretend that it wasn’t so bad, because it was a cartoon, but let’s really look at the type of offenses the bad guys made.The intent was never property destruction. Physical property was rarely important to these professional nasties. Most of the villains on Sailor Moon had no intention of murdering anyone. A lot of them detested violence, and didn’t want to have to actually fight people. Generally they left a minion behind to do the fighting for them, and bailed before things got heated.

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Winter fashion for the majority gender (that’s what we are, let’s embrace it) finally seems to have reached an apex of equal parts cute and functional. For years, we have been forced to trifle with cute, yet mostly nonfunctional, winter things that often left extremities, necks and butt cheeks freezing. Finally, it seems as though a worthwhile variety of seasonal fashion accessories are being produced to keep us almost as warm as winter accessories designed for men.

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Here’s my article thingy about women’s winterwear!

Did your favorite make the conversational cut? I’d love to hear about what you love about winter fashion, as well as if you call it a knit cap, a beanie or a toboggan. ;-)



I get anxious about going on dates for a few different reasons. Am I going to say the wrong thing? Am I not showing enough cleave? Most importantly: what the fuck do I do with my pubic hairs? 

Admittedly, my goal on dates is less finding a soul mate and more getting laid these days. And as we’ve established, I aim to please to a point where it’s pathological.

I think my obsession with pubic hair began when I started dating the biggest asshole I ever dated when I was 17. He was hypercritical about my pubes and suggested that I allow him to shave mine off. In fact, most women I’ve spoken to initially removed their hair at all at request of a partner. For some of us, the idea that our pubic hair is gross doesn’t occur to us until someone tells us so.

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READ THIS! And ask me questions or share your thoughts about men’s pubes and butt hair, please!

This article was informative, hilarious, and has a picture of modern pubic toupees in it! You should read it.

I just figured something out about the comments on my Home School piece on Persephone Mag


So, I’ve been having feelings about the comments on the article I wrote, and it didn’t make any sense. Generally, I don’t really get feelings about interweb comments on stuff I wrote.

Even personal attacks just raise my blood-pressure for a hot minute, and I get back to life or sick my tumblr buds on ‘em. What was different this time is that I was thinking about these comments when I walked away from the keyboard.

Then, a light bulb turned on, and I dropped this comment/knowledge bomb:

Also, I’m starting wonder what the response might have been if I didn’t address my race in this article, and if my picture was of a surfing cat or something.

I also feel like the response here is incredibly similar to what happens in conversations on the internet (and real life) when a person of color says, “I’m [insert race/ethnicity here] and I’m totally proud of it. Oh, btw, white people have screwed things up in this culture.”

Yeah, I’m taking it here.

In this thread we have examples of the average tropes that occur in a conversation about race, after a person of color has expressed their negative experiences with white people. You can easily scroll through these comments and find examples. Just replace “Home Schooled,” with “Black,” and “Traditionally Schooled,” with “White.”

1. “I have Home schooled friends. Thus I am incredibly familiar with your experience.”

2. Invalidation of the experience of the Home Schooled person, and an expectation that the Home schooled person needs to accommodate the feelings of the Traditionally Schooled majority.

3. Personal attacks and implications of “reverse-schoolisim.”

4. Support and acceptance from others of the Traditionally Schooled Majority saying that the Home Schooled minority needs to chill out because they have marginalized the majority in some way.

What do y’all think about that?

I mean, I was self-loving the hell out of myself in the article, and I did deserve being called arrogant.

But really? “I had homeschooled friends?”



Smexy – adj. The unique blend of smart and sexy that makes Selena feel the good kind of funny and speak of herself in the third person.  

People Magazine, where celebrities go to have their entire lives Photoshopped,  is getting internet flack for declaring Bradley Cooper the Sexiest Man Alive. Some of us at Persephone heartily disagree with this choice, so without further ado, here’s my completely subjective and slightly objectifying list of our P-Mag’s Smexiest People Alive.

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I love the shit out of this list.