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Are comic books pop culture?

Who’s got some GOOD news?

I will make MSPaint images out of your good news and post them, because I’m not here for bad news tonight.

What should I do with my hair?

I’m going to a fancy dress party tonight. (With people who’ve never seen me dressed up before) Should I straighten my hair, or go at it natural?

Gonna wear this dress: http://awesome-everyday.tumblr.com/post/22407511514/the-dress-going-for-the-simple-black-dress-with

The last time I wore it, I put my hair up, and kept it natural.

The Dali Lama is coming to my town next spring. Should I pay $ to go see him speak to a stadium full of people?

Hey people good at math:

We need to figure this out for reasons:

359 is 70% of what number?

Louisville residents, what matters to you?

Greetings concerned citizens!

I’m sending a shout out to people who are concerned citizens and want to see our neighborhood, city, state and country change for the better.

As some of you may know, next week I’m headed to Philadelphia to represent Louisville’s 3rd congressional district at the 99% Deceleration, aka the Continental Congress 2.0. (Check it out here: http://www.the99declaration.org/). Every Representative will get 2 minutes to talk about what is important to their district.

When I go, I already plan to stand up for a Federal LGBTQ Civil Rights Act, people-focused immigration policy, Free healthcare for all, a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United vs FEC decision, a no-work holiday for every election and a moratorium on student loan debts.

What else should I bring up? 

Environmental issues? Human rights issues? Women’s rights? Fiscal reform? Housing issues? International trade? Employment? 

Answer this post, inbox me or shoot me an email at pam.newman.0131@gmail.com before June 30th and let me know & speak with your voices. 

Please share this with your friends, family and followers who live in Louisville and have opinions on the future of our country! 

Thanks, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to share!

Pam Newman

Pantyhose. Are we still doing this?

I really don’t want to buy pantyhose to wear to my interview next week (I’m wearing a skirt & pumps). Shit makes my legs itch.

I need to Ask Tumblr if y’all are still doing it before I make a firm decision.

Learning about how to fight for rights

If I started a kickstarter to send me to Denver for the Amnesty International human rights conference next month?

I mean, I’d do more than just attend. I would write about it for Persephone and Afropunk, with separate focuses about women in human rights, and how black youth fit into human rights advocacy. I would of course do some serious human rights blogging here.

And duh, I’d apply what I learned to my activism here in Louisville, and take some of what I learned with me to make decisions at the 99% Deceleration caucus in July (if I’m elected to go to that).

What do you think?