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I’m  not talking just this minute. I’m talking the past 5 months.

About 8 years ago I worked 4 jobs at about 70 hours a week. Not because I needed the money, but just because I was bored. I was also in a relationship (wouldn’t take him back if you paid me), volunteered sporadically, swam laps & jogged 3-5 times a week, had a weekly radio show and kept up with all the gossip on ONTD.

I vaccumed regularly, occasionally prepared amazing meals at home, threw magnificant parties, didn’t eat white bread and had 2 adorable cats.

I went to karaoke about 2 nights a week hung out with my friends regularly and watched every new major blockbuster on opening night. There was also a lot of shopping at the Cherry Hill Mall and some occasional trips into RAVE, but let’s not discuss that.

Two years ago I worked a full time job, managed a band with 4-5 members, booked all the shows, did all the marketing and wrote most of the lyrics. I also practiced obsessively with and without the band and still managed to enjoy Karaoke on the weekends.

Last summer, I worked full-time at a busy restaurant, taught myself how to play guitar, wrote a bunch of stupid love songs, learned a lot about life, traveled all over the planet, smoked, drank, partied like a crazy person and went on adventures in Kentucky.

I’m not doing quite as much right now. I’m slowing down on a lot of things because, well… that’s just sane. But I’m SO FUCKING BORED. I have lots of creative things to do, but that’s not enough. I need to be actively working. My Venus is in Capricorn, man! Capricorn is the sign of work, and Venus is the planet of love. Thus, I LOVE TO WORK.

Watching 30 Rock and reading Bossypants have reminded me of what a workaholic nerd I am. I love getting wrapped up in work. Being passionate about what I do is well… what I do. I figure out the best way to do what I do, and if other people wan to learn, I teach it to others. That’s what I’m good at. This brain needs to be occupied or I’ll start to chew the walls off.

So being slightly stagnant (I haven’t started recording yet) is KILLING ME. I worked really hard on finding musicians today. Hopefully things can get started. There are other things in the works which aren’t things I can talk about yet, but I sure as fuck hope I can soon, because that wall over there is looking mighty tasty.