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What I think is most unique about Yann Tiersen’s work, and what draws me to it most, is that each of his compisitions is a conversation. Each instrument is having a back and forth dialogue  in a conversational rhythm with another.

La Boulange is of no execption. In fact, this is my favorite piece of his. It’s my favorite, even taking into consieration that Tiersen is responsible for arguably one of the most brilliant movie soundtracks in recent history -and one of my favorite movies ever- Amelie. 

If you listen closely, the opening of this song seems to take its first breaths of air. Breathing life into an entire world filled with instruments, melody and perhaps some mysteries. There are far too few times when a saw, electric guitar and violins get an opportunity to make love in an equally beneficial menage a toi, no?

There’s of course a delicate tune that takes you from in front of your speakers, or off the street with your iPod and headphones to a crisp, earthreal place. A place where every street smells of fresh flowers. The conversation between the violins and electric guitar is that of bicycles on a street, lovers stealing kisses in the corner of a coffee shop and kittens lapping up milk left outside for them by a bookstore owner.

La Bolange takes me to this place, and I love spending time there. It’s a simple place, as marked by the signature minimalisim of Tiersen’s work, but it’s often simplicity that creates beauty. It simly takes one sperm and one egg to create life, and with a limited number of notes, Tiersen possesses genius enough to create an entire world. 

I love to travel, and I love when Yann Tiersen invites me to go somewhere beautiful.