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What can Christians learn from one of the most popular TV series of all time? In its first season, LOST averaged 15.5 million viewers per episode.

—The beginning of the summary of a real book.

Desmond is a hero.

here’s hoping he is as smart as I think he is.

oh hell yeah, lost!

oh hell yeah, lost!

I looked into the eye of the island, and what I saw… was beautiful.

—John Locke, LOST (via kat3l3w15)

and how did that entire villiage filled with men get burned to the ground?

Was she a smoke monster too or something?

She had to know what happened to you if you went in that hole. Either it happened to her or to someone else.

I mean, she was a murdering bitch, but she was just one chick. And those dudes had knives. How’d she do it??


I’m officially team black smoke monster.

Talk about getting fucked over. He wasn’t even evil to begin with, it’s really Jacob and his crazy ass mother’s fault.

I love how the show blatantly showed us that they knew how the storyline would wrap around from the beginning with the adam & eve business. “See, we DID have a plan,” was basicaly what that said.

Also, I like that lil’ smokey doesn’t have a name. I think it’s interesting that he’s gone his whole life without one. The crazy part is that he’s the favorite, killed his mother, and still can’t catch a break.

And now as the smoke monster, how could he possibly leave the island? And what exactly is the smoke? I mean, it’s some kind of personification of evil— but he’s still in there. Perhaps it’s something he can’t control very well?

No, that’s nuts, because he kills people on purpose.

Remember the Richard Alpert episode? And how when richard asked about his dead wife, lil’ smokey told him that “He,” had her? Well, that dude could be jacob, or it could be the smoke… or perhaps it’s neither.

The wife was obviously smokey when alpert was in the boat, and he did a good job of screaming like her as he turned back into the smoke.

Do we ever see people who are murdered by the smoke monster talking to people who see the dead? I don’t think that’s so. He never seems to kill anyone who is a major plot character, anyway. Smokey kills extras. I think if he could kill the candidates, he would have a long time ago.

Smokey killed everyone on richard’s boat, killed a shit ton of those dudes whidmore sent to murder the others, but he never ever killed anyone from flight 815, even non-candidates, like kate.

I hope Saywer has sense enough to explain to Jack’s dumb ass that protecting the island isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when the time comes. Hugo might already see the light. He’s the only remaning candidate with some objectivity about the island.

Saywer wants to leave. Jack wants to stay. Hugo just wants to be.