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Esperanza Spalding

I want to write love letters by the thousand to her.

She’s a professor, an entertainer, a songwriter and an intelligent, gifted, beautiful woman.

It is obvious that she’s a skilled musician, but what she very decidedly sings about is very important. 

She’s chosen to do something incredibly strategic, wise and totally badass with this album, and the song, Black Gold, specifically.

What Spalding has done, is taken smooth jazz elements, popped them up a little bit, and added a fun and easy chorus with multi-layered harmonies with a place for any vocal range. Of course there’s the attention-catching key-change towards to the end that inspires a chorus-y feel. I could see this song sung by a soloist with of a huge church chorus, or simply by Spalding and a few accompanists.

The song implies that it wants the audience to participate with the clap-along at the end, and the video reinforces this in a very tender way.

Spalding is infiltrating a music industry that is hell bent on systemizing music as well as our culture by creating seemingly simple songs which are delightfully complicated. Then she tosses some meaningful, yet not preachy, Black pride subject matter on top, and completely changes the narrative of pop music.

I hope this album gets wildly-can’t-get-away-from-it-Stevie-Wonder popular, because it’s Spalding’s level of genius and wisdom that I think we need in our cultural entertainment.

To my astranged and beloved Words With Friends

My love,

It is over. I will not be taking you back.

As I am sure you have figured out, there is someone else. Her name is Wordfeud Free.

She is sexy and satisfies me in ways you couldn’t possibly comprehend.

You will always have a place in my heart, and I think of you whenever my Android freezes.

Best, Pamnewman (same username on wordfeud if you’ve got the app)