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Hey I’m gonna talk about sex again.


Just finished watching Louis C.K.’s Beacon Theater performance and I agreed completely with the way he described sex as it is for men and women and why women want to cuddle after sex.

I hope no ex’s read this shit but if they do maybe they’ll feel inspired to do a few things differently.

Louis was saying that the reason women want to cuddle after sex is because they are still horny and they’re not DONE. I laughed so hard in agreement because that’s exactly what’s been happening for me.

I get that guys feel they’re really putting in a lot of work when they’re thrusting their hips with the intention of thumping against the uterus in some blind hope that it’s exactly what the girl wants, but I think they should use that energy more effectively.

It seems to me that men think that the harder and faster they rub anything, the more effective their strategy. And when that happens, you can’t really just lay flat and be like, “No, I won’t reward this with a moan at all. I should have washed my hair earlier but I guess I’ll just wash it in the morning.” Instead, you end up being super nice and making it seem like every time they glide a rough finger over your delicate surface, they’re erasing every man who came before.

The worst moment, for me, comes right after he loses his breath for a second and pulls away quickly to lie down. Sure, some stuff felt great, but I’m still in this sad sex limbo place where I wonder for several minutes if I’ll get to feel whatever it is that he felt. And after another few minutes, it becomes clear that no, I will not get to know such joy, not that night.

Not every man is like that. There are some that don’t even have to be your boyfriends to be super comfortable with asking you to request whatever you desire. I really appreciate those dudes, and since I’m too shy to say a lot of stuff out loud, I put in my order ahead of time using google talk and then I go pick my shit up later. ;)

I bolded some things.