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Iranian female ninjas (kunoichi) learn Ninjutsu in a club. Iran has a force of almost 3500 female ninjas.

Source: Express Tribune, Pakistan.

This is the baddest ass thing I’ve seen all day.

(Source: mehreenkasana)

She’s a ninja. Yeah. Those are ninja moves.

—My Mom

A message I sent as a reply to someone on OkCupid

My 6 things I couldn’t live without on my okcupid profile are, “two feet, two eyes, one mouth and a vagina.”

Dude said that’s a cop out, because you totally can live without any of those things. He said it in a much more clever way than that, for sure. He also called me an amatuer.

This is my reply to him.

In the literal ideal of “Can’t,” sure! I could replace my extremities or even my reproductive organs with functional, silicone-based replacements…

But what about quality of life? What about living life without limits? I am thinking of a more idealistic kind of life where I continue to be a life-winning ninja-baller and a veritable factory of hyphens.

Pirates, sure they’re cool— but who really wants to look into the eye of someone with a patch over a socket and offer compassionate and tender thoughts about the affectionate way their nerveless hand makes the hair on their neck raise up?

Surely not I.

Besides, as old as the internet itself, is the battle between pirates and ninjas.

In order to complete basic ninja tasks, I’d have to have all four limb finalization and as a lady, the ultimate tool of deception, the vagina.

An amateur, I am not, good sir.