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I guess we were lucky?

My teenage friends were an eclectic group of urban scene kids, nerds, cool kids, outcasts, assholes, sluts, virgins, tough kids, whimps and weirdos. Most of us are still friends in some capacity, be it superficial facebookness or we talk to each other regularly.

Some of us were gay, some of us were straight and some of us were bi, one of us followed through with a MTF transition. Some of us barely knew who we were yet.

All of us were Black. It was like this magical microchasam of American society balled up into one block of West Philadelphia.

I guess that magical group of people is why I get so fucking bewildered when I hear about teenagers hurting each other physically or emotionally for being different. It was our differences that made us such a tight-knit group. We fought because we disagreed with each other, or in order to protect each other, never because someone was different. We accepted people (For the most part) and didn’t judge over who people loved.

In short, bulling is fucking stupid.