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Regina Spektor- Consequence of Sounds

I am in head-over-heels love with this song. It can totally be in my wedding party when I get hitched to a plate of nachos.

Regina Spektor, a fellow Aquarius, touches on a variety of social issues in this song. Violence, reluctance to resist, and how many of us are forced to rot away in cubicles. It reaches into very sensitive places in my musical and social nerves, while both plucking at them and soothing them. 

Consequence of Sound is a raw, passionate, organic smoothie of social commentary. This song gets me emotional, when I think of how viciously true some of the little snapshots Spektor offers actually are. 

Sweating like demons they scream through our speakers, but we leave the sound on, ‘cause silence is harder.

I feel like this particular line speaks volumes.

We often find the sound of our own solitude too loud, so we turn up the volume with booze or reality tv or other things that do not truly serve us. The western wold is abundant with poisonous escapes. Many portals into avoiding our own demons are reflective of our own. The easiest escapes often boil up negative imagery, but we’d often rather have negative imagery than no images at all.

Oh my gosh, this song is my everything today. 

I really needed to hear this. Maybe you did too.

I’m just saying:

I have a feeling that when this new band I’m in plays our cover of Regina Spektor’s Consequence of Sound, it’s gonna be so baller that Regina Spektor is going to give us a personal phone call asking us to play it with her at a show in Manhattan and then we’ll all go get ice cream.


Regina Spektor - All The Rowboats

Can we talk about how awesome this song is?

Pam Newman (me) - Covering Consequence of Sounds by Regina Spektor


Regina Spektor - Consequence Of Sounds

She’s amazing. Love, love, love Regina Spektor.