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OR: Maybe they dropped Kristen Stewart from the snow white sequel because she got way outshined by Charlize Theron while Stewart’s character was the freaking title protagonist.

mandigray replied to your post: Uh, so if Aurora isn’t the most boring Disney princess, who is?

Aurora for sure. I don’t even remember what the hell that movie is about. I know she’s a sleeping princess, I want to say the prince brings her back to life, but that’s the snow white apple thing, right?

Yeah. I’ve read the Grimm story recently, and it is very similar to snow white. In regards to disney, there is even a version of sleeping beauty which involves a glass coffin, like disney put snow white inside of. Although, disney really shit all over the grimm stories, and everybody knows this.

Although part dux, many stories from that period involved a girl having some asshole parents who curse her, and then some hot dude comes and saves her ass by making out with her.

Although, part toi! Snow white is sort of about a real girl named Margarete von Waldek who had a far more tragic ending than her Grimm or Disney counterparts.