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You know, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing in the past few weeks.

Mostly it’s because I’ve been incredibly busy.

But last night when I had no internet access, I wrote a bunch of shit, and it felt great. I just get all stomach-pit-anxious about deadlines. The act of writing itself is therapeutic and joyous.

Anyway, I know a bunch of people started following me because I occasionally write things that are interesting to read, so I’m gonna post a few of the things I wrote (all about songs, so bonus music posts!) tonight.

Oh, okay so a life update?

My boss. Yikes.

I have an interview on Friday for a job I’d love to have. Yay!

I’ve mentally committed myself to really looking into a grad program, although I haven’t finished undergrad yet.

I really feel free. It’s hard to explain because depression and frustrations haven’t fluttered away into the ether or anything, but I feel like I am not chained to any one particular life outcome and that’s spectacular.

I am leaving this city as much as I possibly can, for sanity reasons. Travel keeps me satiated on a primal level.

I am in desperate need of sex, and had a total opportunity to ho it up in Philly, but my period came by and cockblocked the fuck out of me. Needless to say, my period and I had some stern words.